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Most of my artworks are created from copper, brass, and other alloys, and sometimes stainless. Some are made from found objects while others are milled or machined in my studio. Many of my artworks move with manual assistance and some by gravity. The size of my creations range from 3 inches to three feet in diameter. All are unique, one of a kind, and usually commissioned.

The theme which resonates most with me and characterizes my art is “celestial”. In essence, my sculptures belong in their own universe and hopefully may become a part of your own vision of the cosmos. To date, approximately 200 of my creations exist around the world in private, academic and corporate collections

I began making these planetary visions about twenty years ago when I realized I couldn’t afford to purchase an antique astronomical model to grace my own collection of scientific instruments and objets d’art. After building several for myself, I expanded to selling them to pay for my growing arsenal of metal working tools. As a self-taught artist, my former career in aerospace has influenced my fabricating methods and designs.

Contact Information:
Mark Chase
PO Box 483
Gualala, CA 95445

Phone: 408-564-3794 / 707-785-2541


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