Mary Entriken – Pastel, mosaic, photography, acrylic




Mina, NV

Expressing myself through art became important to me during the early 1970’s. At that time, we lived in a remote area of Mendocino County where my husband was building a cabin for clients. Not being a builder myself, I found I had an abundance of free time. I decided to try my hand with drawing and watercolors. It didn’t take long before I found myself enthralled with the process and gradually became more aware of my surroundings as I studied the lines, shapes and colors that made up my world.

Since that time, my art has taken on many different forms, mediums and styles. Experimenting with new materials and approaches has been challenging and fun. While having worked with many different media over the years, my most recent work is in oils, pastel, mosaic and photography.

The driving force behind my art is the inspiration I receive from my family and nature. We are blessed with a large family. I find comfort and a deep sense of spiritual awareness in the connectedness we share as a family. Each year I make a card that in someway symbolizes each member of the family and the bonds we share.

Traveling is restorative for me and brings new insights and inspirations. Whether visiting beautiful national parks such as Zion or Glacier, or impoverished towns near and abroad, there is generally always a beauty to be captured. And of course, living on the
beautiful Sonoma Coast has been my good fortune and has provided me with profoundly captivating landscapes.

My years as a science/art teacher and parent have shown me the importance of understanding and sharing the knowledge that all things are connected within this universe. Art is a wonderful way in which to express this idea.

It is my hope that you enjoy my art as much as I do in making it.
Here’s to art!

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Mary Entriken
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Phone: 707-847-3314

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