Rozann Grunig – Photography

Firey Sunset

The Color of Waves

Living on the Mendonoma Coast opened an entirely new world for me. I grew up in the suburbs and then moved to San Francisco; I had never lived “in nature.” So finding The Sea Ranch and coming to the absolute understanding that I had finally found “home” was a revelation. Hiking around Sea Ranch with my camera and my dogs, everything was new, fresh and miraculous. Many years later, it still is.

Photography fascinates me. When I shoot something in nature, I know that what I capture in each frame will never happen in exactly the same way again. The way a wave sprays against the rocks; the flight of a bird; the birth of a Harbor Seal pup. That is the beauty of a photograph.

I am enjoying the versatility of digital photography and exploring new ways to work with my photos. Digital enhancement and manipulation, textile art, assemblage and collage are some of my interests.

I currently live on TSR with my husband of many, many years and our two dogs, Maddie, a Border Collie and Alexander, a jack-a-hua-hua (Jack Russell, Chihuahua). I work at the Independent Coast Observer as the layout designer for my day job.

This year I am showing my work at Jenny Henderson's beautiful studio in the woods. Please visit us at 45201 Bill Owens Rd, Point Arena - same as #17a.

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Mail: PO Box 170
Gualala, CA 95445
Phone: 707-785-3201

Fog and Hills

Blow Hole Mendocino