Serina Howard – Mixed media, clay, wood, watercolor, textile


Feta Floats

Psychedelic Sayonara

A native of Japan, her art career began in the dark room of her studio apt in Los Angeles. Taking portraits, covering events and styling photo shoots, it has since evolved to creating visual backdrop concepts as an installation artist.

Serina is always pushing to expand her ideas and evoke inspiration, which has resulted in her traveling to 13 countries in the last three years. Her artwork encapsulates what she is immersed in when abroad, as well as home on the Northern Coast.

Her current pieces are made using natural elements, hand built clay pieces, weathered wood, metal, linoleum stamps and digging through the recycle bin -

- houses in the middle of the ocean pieced together by driftwood, the cycle of birth and death, floating gardens, mossy trees, ceremonial celebrations, body language and collecting relics.

A tangible translation to the excitement of finding something old world and otherworldly in our modern culture.

Contact Information:
Serina Howard
PO Box 122
Gualala, CA 95445

Phone: 707-412-0127

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