Bruce Jones – Watercolor, Ink, Colored Pencil

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Nude with Attitude

Heather Gardens

Each piece of my art reflects my fascination with shape, whether found in a seascape, human body, or a motorcycle.  The only requirement for subject matter is that it captures my imagination.

I am captivated by the patterns I find as I walk along the beach, looking closely at the textures and contours of the sand and the seaweeds that wash up on the shore.  But the panoramic perspective of distant sea and fog is just as interesting. 

Although I have been experimenting recently with mechanical subject matter, I insist on drawing it freehand without the assistance of drafting tools controlling the line. I want the shapes in my art to be spontaneous and organic.

To some extent my interest in drawing and painting is inherited. My father took up painting in his 60’s but my mother and grandmother were both lifelong painters. I became more serious about painting in 1987 when my mother told me to take a break from a strenuous career in computer systems and join her on the Oregon coast for a workshop with Oregon artist Bill Kucha.  It was great and got me painting regularly again. Over the following ten years Mom and I drew and painted at several other workshops together. 

Now retired in Gualala, I paint, draw and sculpt daily.  I have become a fixture at the Gualala Arts Center where I chair the hanging of the annual Art in the Redwoods show and hang a lot of the other exhibits in addition to maintaining the landscaping and trails.  I exhibit at the Artists’ Collective at Elk, the Gualala’s Dolphin Gallery and the Artists’ Collective Gallery in Gualala’s Seacliff Center.  I participate in the annual Studio Discovery tour and Gualala Arts weekly life drawing sessions.

Hope you like the work!

Contact Information:
Bruce Jones
38575 Robinson Reef Drive
PO Box 250
Gualala, CA 95445

Phone: 707-884-3381

Sea Ranch Chapel

Elegant Nude

Dancing Water Shapes