Erin Kirchner - Gouache, batik, mixed media

Erin Kirchner

Batik No. 1


Local artist Erin Kirchner is a painter, craftswoman, lover of animals and all things nature.  A professional artist since 2005, she was classically trained in the Bay Area both at the Academy of Art and through private apprenticeship in painting, sculpture, sign making, and screen printing. She is also self taught in Batik.

Erin has shown in galleries all over the west coast and has been able to travel extensively, sustaining herself through making art and working on organic farms.   Her work is inspired by the beauty she finds around her every day, and she feels privileged to call Point Arena her home.

    Contact Information:
    Erin Kirchner
    PO Box 414
    Point Arena, CA 95468

    Phone: 707-684-1845