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Paige was bitten by the jewelry bug at a very young age when she found lost jewels laying at her feet on sidewalks and in parking lots. A rhinestone bracelet and a gold locket awakened a love that has lasted a lifetime. She began stringing beaded necklaces during the hippie days of the 60's when "love beads" were all the rage, outfitting her family with her creations. A move to Hong Kong during the 80's exposed her to the world of semi-precious stones and pearls to use in her designs. Finding antique treasures along Cat Street and Hollywood Road to incorporate into her designs made her necklaces one of a kind with a unique and valuable flair. While living there, she also was bitten by the fashion bug. Modeling led to coordinating charity fashion shows for five years. She was also the magazine editor for the American Club of Hong Kong.

Travels were another way to add to her growing bead collection. Shell and coral beads bought on the beaches of the Philippine Islands and Tahiti now mixed with beads bought outside of King Tut's tomb in Egypt and crystals from Prague.

Living once again in the U.S., she became a vintage costume jewelry dealer. Bits and pieces of these vintage finds were added to her designs as they took on new incarnations. Her designs were sold in Beverly Hills. Moving to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in the 90's allowed her to become an exporter/importer of furniture and decorative artifacts from Indonesia. Vintage silver and unique beads from Bali were added to her now ballooning bead collection.

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Phone: 707-884-9523
Mail: 44851 Tan Bark Road, Gualala, CA 95445

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