Dianne Neuman – Painting, Oil & Acrylics

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For Me,

It's All About Transformation................

I am an Abstract painter; working on canvas and/or paper with layers of transparent color to create new color and light in my work. My tools are - my hands, brushes, sticks, rags and anything else I find around my studio. I work in various sizes…..from small to large.

A running theme throughout my work is a striving for balance, connection and relationship between the worlds of Spiritual and Physical. Quite often images appear that I have not intentionally placed. I believe the images that present themselves are messengers from these worlds.

Reality is a subjective matter.............from my Reality I create illusions.......so I invite you to view my illusions & create your Own Reality.

With Love & Light,

Contact Information
Email: freestonedianne@aol.com
Phone: 707-696-5701
34924 Tock Lane

Mail: PO Box 1330, Gualala, CA 95445
Website: www.dngallery.com

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