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Looking back at my art career, I see that my imagery is all connected to making a place, an environment of contentment or an exploration of what happens in a space. First I worked in watercolor, documenting what went on around me in a very na├»ve and unschooled way. Those paintings have the honesty and liveliness of a child. Then I moved to oil paintings, again exploring my surroundings but concentrating on technique, influenced by art school. After a few years, I began combining my ideas into 3 dimensional box paintings, literally creating a place to depict imaginary or real events. This led to making tiny little houses that reminded me of my childhood in Pennsylvania with the mining company towns. I began giving the houses life by using images of my family. In time I began to use paintings for the houses as a documentation of trips or people’s lives. Texture, layers of color and ideas became more important to me and I began to explore printmaking and monotypes.

Each year I make it a goal to learn something new or develop different subject matter. This year I have spent several months making “sea level rise” paintings from photos I took during King Tides in San Rafael. I have enjoyed going out and finding places in my neighborhood and further afield to see how the high water is changing our landscape. Some of the neighborhoods looked like marinas and like nice waterfront property. Other places showed the impact the King Tides and rising seas will have on traffic and driving. It felt wrong to like the water in the streets and the beautiful color of the water in the high tide marshes. The reflections were striking and the images unexpected. My largest piece, “King Tides at Shoreline Drive” was juried into the Climate Change Show at Art Works Downtown. In addition this image was published in the Marin Magazine to highlight the show.

With my etchings I have begun a new series of the cypress trees I look at from my windows at Sea Ranch. I never tire of seeing the sunset outline the craggy shapes of the trees that turn to silhouettes as the sun glows redder behind. I am still in the process of developing this series, and am studying new processes as I go. The focus is more shapes and less detail, a personal challenge. I have been drawing the trees and doing quick studies of their shapes for 4 years now. The fog paintings from last year were inspired by the shapes of the trees in the fog and the process this year is to use several plates to etch and overlay color using sugar lift and aquatint.

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