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Elevated Nutmeg Bowl

Grand Edge Walnut Bowl

Quest for the Perfect Bowl

I craft both useful and decorative vessels from native and exotic woods which I find as “windfall” or storm-damaged trees in Sonoma County and the Sierra Nevada. I make a special effort to select orientations to highlight the wood grain to best advantage, paying particular attention to creating attractive forms which please the eye.

After sanding, I apply a wipe-on polyurethane followed by a paste wax.  Sometimes, however, the polished piece is left entirely UN-finished – to allow a direct tactile contact with the wood surface.  This elemental contact with a highly polished wood surface is something we too rarely experience but it is, I believe, one of the reasons we love the ‘feel’ of wood.

Contact Information:
Chuck Quibell
46720 Pacific Woods Road
Gualala, CA

Mail:4682 Hidden Oaks Road
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

Phone: 707-575-5537

Not open Labor Day


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