Raymond Schiff - Ceramics

Untitled No. 1


After many years of business and working, and 12 years of living on a beach in Mexico, my wife Janice and I moved to Gualala. To keep busy and have some creativity in my life, I started to get involved in the Art Center, specifically in the clay studio. It is so much fun to be a kid again and allow the creative part of me to come out.

My ceramic pieces are whimsical and simple, and lots of fun to create. Stop by to see them. Janice’s paintings are here too!

Contact Information:
Raymond Schiff
38320 Ocean Ridge Drive
PO Box 590
Gualala, CA 95445

Phone: 707-884-1092
Email: rayschiff@icloud.com

Turtle No. 1

Small Turtles