Brad Wilson - Sculptural tables, clay, drawing, monotypes


Cypress Coffee Table


Brad Wilson is both artist and designer. His tables, prints, and sculptures are evocative and contemporary.

Brad’s first inspiration to be creative happened at a young age. He always enjoyed making beautiful creations early on. Early printmaking courses in Junior High creating woodblock prints and taking ceramics courses would eventually evolve into drawing the figure and combining the two at Santa Barbara City College in 1975. Brad attended Sonoma State University in 1978 where he received his BFA in printmaking. Lithography became a medium of choice at that time creating stone lithographs and monotypes from live models.

At the same time clay Raku sculptures of both abstract extrusions and figurative works were brewing. Brad’s first encounter with the Raku process occurred at Sonoma State where he created a series of swim suit figures displayed in the Sonoma State University Gallery. This also led to his representation at Art Space Gallery in Santa Monica where he incorporated clay extrusions along with plant forms such as sphagnum moss and lichen.

Brad then attended Otis/Parsons School of Design in 1981 receiving his MFA. During that time he created sculpture, drawings, and multimedia environments. In 1995 Brad began selling one of a kind tables in several exclusive store’s in the San Francisco Bay Area and Austin, Texas. His tables have been sold to individuals, architects, interior designers, in stores like The Gardener in Berkeley and Healdsburg, Artifact Design in Sonoma, Maker and Moss in San Francisco, and Summer House Gallery in Mill Valley.

Brad Wilson is a diverse artist, he uses materials of contrasting textures to create seductive tables in reclaimed and recycled wood, salvaged Monterey Cypress, zinc, copper, and steel. His palette is constantly expanding. His affinity with the fine art sculpture of artist’s like Brancusi, David Nash, Andy Goldsworthy, Joseph Beuys, Carl Andre, Richard Long, and Lucio Fontana and the way they juxtaposed contrasting materials to produce evocative works of art would be a source of inspiration along with furniture makers and designers like George Nakashima and Isamu Noguchi. There is a great satisfaction for Brad in having these objects in people’s lives. The table is a witness to conversations, celebrations, and the drama that occurs in one’s daily activities.

In the upcoming Discovery Tour Brad will feature his latest sculptural tables and benches, monotypes, along with clay and wood sculpture. His goal is to create beautiful, seductive, sculptural, and utilitarian objects. Brad’s materials palette will be wood, zinc, copper, clay, and steel.

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Brad Wilson
Mail: 30361 Seaview Road, Cazadero 95421
Phone: 707-847-3747 / 707-494-0886