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Image Carousel tips

As you browse through other artist’s image carousels you will note, I believe, that the most satisfying ones are those where most or all of the images have approximately the same aspect ratio. It can be jarring when one image is tall and in portrait orientation, the next image is wide and in landscape orientation, the next is 4 X 6 or 6 X 4 photo orientation, the next is square (1:1 aspect). You get the idea!

Probably the most pleasing slider would be one where the artist manages to make all or at least most of the images have approximately the same aspect ration, or at least limit the number of orientations to perhaps two. Depending on the artwork, this could be accomplished by photographing odd size pieces against a pleasing background that adheres to your basic aspect ration choice.

Professional photographers will accomplish this for you automatically, but if you are doing your own it may take some planning and some set up time to get images that show your work in the best possible slide show.

If you get stuck, ask for help from a friend whose page you find pleasing. How did they get their images? I’m betting they will pass you a useful tip or two.

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