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Look ahead to your 2019 Artist Page


As you think about SDT 2019, take a look at the various artists’ pages from 2018 to see which ones seem to have the best balance.

The proposed layout will likely be as it is now, with the following elements:

1. Your name at the top of the page in large font, drop-shadow in the secondary color (this year it’s beige)

2. Your medium, map location, and open / closed information in the next block down

3. A large image (should probably be your best) on the left side, with your contact information in the next block below that.

4. On the right 2/3 of the page, your artist bio or statement, with the first paragraph in larger “call-out” font and the remainder in standard paragraph font.

5. Under your write up in the 1/3 column to the far right — a medium size image, I’m thinking it should be one of you at work in your studio, or at least a shot with you in it to personalize the page.

6. Finally, in the middle 1/3 column just below your write-up would be an image carousel with basically as many of your other images as you would like (within reason, let’s say up to 10 or so). These will rotate through as a carousel slide show and any interested page visitor can simply click on the carousel to view a larger version of the images in a “PrettyPhoto window” with standard DVR type controls to play, forward, reverse, etc. Note that this works very much like a PowerPoint — you can also simply cycle through the slide show in the PrettyPhoto window using the forward and back arrows at the lower right of most keyboards.

PLAN AHEAD — note what looks good and what could use improvement in the current collection of pages and plan your own content for 2019 accordingly.

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