Becca Juvet Thompson


Oil, Acrylic, Pastel, Watercolor, Charcoal

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Open Year-Round by Appointment


Contact Information:
Becca Juvet Thompson
25005 Fort Ross Road
Fort Ross, CA 95450

Phone: 707-847-3084

Raised in the Sierra Nevadas near Placerville, I spent every minute of my life seeking the great outdoors. Painting and riding horseback gave me another excuse to be “out”, just like folks who fish or pan gold! All the good experiences were out there and I am a very lucky girl living near the ocean.

College days I began drawing people, something I do a lot, and as well as landscapes- they are my “thing”. But the processes involved are especially fun.The tools and media are many! Sometimes I paint on rocks… come see.Teachers put in their two cents, and you take some and lose some… Joseph Rafael, Esteban and Carlos Villa, Pasto for portraits…My oil paintings are immediate.. impressionistic, with fat paint pushed around aggressively on canvas, and not overworked, or reguessed.The portraits are always freehand, largely charcoal or pastel (pure pigments) and mostly done in person. Come with your best smile! (and stories or photographs! ) Dogs allowed. Pick out a colored mat for free.

Sonoma County residents for over forty years, we are now on the headwaters of the south fork of the Gualala River. What a magnificent drive to this place… breathtaking. Bobcat and pilleated woodpeckers flirting with the blue water, raccons jumping from red jasper boulders to fish for crawfish, or a hopeful salmon.. Everything I see is another painting, literally, a superb opportunity to borrow from reality – the truth is good lookin’ around here!

I have focused my attention on capturing the Kashia dancing at Fort Ross State Park, just at the bottom of the hill, the traditional costumes of the both Pomo Kashia and Russian locals, as well as the indigenous redwoods we live amongst. “Sacred” is the word for this plant community along the Pacific Ocean, and for the civilization and wildlife it has fostered for thousands of years.