Cathy Sue Riehm


Fused Glass

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Cobalt with Silver

Contact Information:
Cathy Sue Riehm
PO Box 1068
Point Arena, CA 95468

Phone: 707-271-9283

Cathy Sue got her first glass kiln over twenty years ago, and has since used glass and color to create functional artwork that evokes emotion.

She worked under Christie Moody of Blue Heron Glass Art in her Athens, GA farmhouse studio and then moved to Telluride, CO to become part of The Telluride Artists’ Co-op. Cathy Sue continues to fuse glass here on the Northern California coast, and shows her artwork in local galleries, boutiques and art shows/events.

Cathy Sue uses her kiln at home to individually create fused glass pieces. She designs, patterns, cuts, stacks and fires each piece using not only ceramic molds, but she also makes her own fiber paper molds to allow for different shapes. Cathy Sue makes plates, trays, flower vases, nightlights, spoon holders, light switch plates, ornaments and more! Custom designs are available.