Cynthia Myers



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Open Year-Round by Appointment

Floral Vase

Contact Information:
Cynthia Myers
PO Box 1302
Mendocino, CA 95460

Phone: 707-937-2355 / 707-813-8016

Cynthia Myers art glass begins its transformation with hand-blown glass made exclusively for her by Glass blowers in Oakland, West Virginia, and New York. After the glass is blown for her, Cynthia adheres resist tape to the surface and draws an intricate design on the tape then it is cut along the lines of her artwork, preparing for the sandblasting.

Then the glass is taken inside her sandblasting booth, where Cynthia’s more than 25 years of experience comes into play. As she removes the tape from each grape, flower petal, and feather, sandblasting them one at a time, Cynthia gently etches in the design she had originally envisioned on the once blank vase.

Another way that she creates dimension is to blast away part of the rim of the vases shaping it into her design. By sculplting the top of the vases, ginkgo leaves reach for the morning sun and Great Blue Herons wing tips take flight.

Cynthia’s beautiful garden, as well as the abundant nature which surrounds her on the Mendocino coast, is a continual inspiration. When not in her studio she enjoys kayaking, diving, and fishing in the Pacific Ocean off of Northern California.

Her art glass is featured in collections and galleries in Europe, Japan, China and the United States. She sells wholesale to fine shops and galleries and directly to private individuals. She also creates original pieces on commission.