Diane Cochran


Pastel Paintings

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Contact Information:
Diane Cochran
PO Box 911
Point Arena, CA 95468

Phone: 707-884-9006
Email: flowers1@mcn.org

After decades of working three dimensionally in clay and then concrete, my artistic journey now takes me back to where I began, drawing and painting my world within and without. It brings me great joy to move into the magical world of color and light in ways I never have before and to learn the new medium of pastels. It was a great leap, one that admittedly has taken a few years, and I have been lucky to work with a number of fine teachers: Marsha Connell, Dawn Emerson, Clark Mitchell and Mira White.

I love the pastel medium for its rich pigmentation, direct application, and the many ways it can be used. Studying the light moving across a subject, how color changes as it moves away in space, how trees grow and bend with the wind, how many colors can be found in moving water and so much more is endlessly fascinating to me. There is so much to learn. Combining that with my love of the outdoors is a perfect “marriage” for me. As I travel the roads and pathways of this special place my eyes take in all the beauty around me and I just want to remember and record all that I see. It’s a hopeless task of course, but my ever ready camera does its share and then a small portion of all that is distilled into a pastel painting or it sparks another idea. The excitement of starting a painting without knowing where it is going never gets old.

Initially I worked only in chalk pastels, but after several years of exploring that medium I found myself drawn to the luminous, jewel-like qualities of the oil pastels I found one day in an art supply store and so I am gradually adding these to my repertoire. They are especially fine for quick field studies and due to their dustless nature, they can be used in many different ways and are more stable. They have provided me new avenues to explore and have taken me into new dimensions in my art.

The first art show I entered with my pastels was Art in the Redwoods in 2016 and I received a first place for one of those pieces. I presented a one woman show of pastels in December, 2016 at 215 Main in Point Arena and was guest artist at the Coast Highway Art Collective in Point Arena in January and February, 2017. In 2017 I also participated in the Studio Discovery Tour for the first time as a pastel artist.