Elizabeth Wright




Contact Information:
Elizabeth Wright
11605 Anthem Drive
Sparks, NV 89441

Website: elizabethwrightmosaics.com
Email: ewrightmosaics@gmail.com
Phone: 775-560-4229

I can safely say that the art of mosaic has saved my sanity! I am married and a mother of two wonderful grown children. I had a career in construction finance and after 30 years, the stress of the job pushed me into an early retirement. To drop off that cliff so abruptly was tough. I dabbled in house improvements, upcycling of old furniture, etc. when “The Seaside Table” project tumbled into my lap. We had an old table at our camp spot at the coast, and the top had gotten bad on it. I didn’t have the heart to throw it out. I suggested we put a new top on it and I could tile it. Why not be creative with it? That moment was the start of a beautiful journey for me!

I can honestly say I didn’t really even know what “mosaic” was (pathetic for sure). After completing that project (which included over 3000 1” tiles) I knew I had found my passion! I loved the textile part of the process, and the never ending exploration of different glass, substrates, adhesives, methods, etc. It has taken me a while to let go of the “rule” part of my brain from being in finance and allowing to let things “flow” from my heart and soul. This journey has been such a blessing for me!

I was born and raised in Nevada, and I love the outdoors, so I have taken to picking up treasures I find out on my hikes and incorporating them into my mosaics when possible. Mosaic brings me such pleasure and satisfaction of making something beautiful out of scraps, whether it is a beautiful piece of stained glass, a piece of native American jewelry or a rusty key. The possibilities with mosaic are endless, and that’s what keeps me so intrigued with this art form. I’ve heard artists talk about creating a “style”, but with so many possibilities, I doubt I ever will!