Emma Hurley


Functional Ceramics & Screen-Printed, Wearable Art Apparel

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Contact Information:
Emma Hurley
PO Box 869
Point Arena, CA 95468

Email: emma7hurley@yahoo.com
Phone: 707-684-9068
Website: www.northcoastbrine.com

Living the EVERYTHING OCEAN Lifestyle
Northcoast fish
Ocean Stewardship

Original fish art is inspired by the colors, shapes, beauty, humor, mystery and character of the fish that live off the cold-water coast of California. My goal is to shed light on the amazing life we have off this coast and foster pride and stewardship in the species that swim in the northcoast brine water. What better way to show case these species than to wear them!

Know your fish, know your fisherman, support local sustainable fisheries.

-Emma Hurley- Artist, fisheries biologist and children’s ocean educator