Joan Rhine


Handmade Paper – Mixed-Media & Jewelry

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Handmade Paper

Contact Information:
Joan Rhine
PO Box 1295
Gualala, CA 95445

Phone: 707-884-4564

JOAN RHINE’S creations include abstract wall pieces and sculpture in mixed media, and jewelry. There is a symbiotic exchange of ideas and materials between her bodies of work. Color and texture in her jewelry first appeared in her artworks; jewelry materials have entered her wall pieces in her uses of wire, gold leaf and beads. She continues to investigate the versatile properties of metal and paper, and how they can be perceived to be both hard and soft.

JOAN RHINE’S wall artworks and sculpture explore unique ways of combining copper wire and handmade paper. One is using a Vietnamese style deckle-box, where she forms handmade paper sheets using pigment colored cotton or abaca paper pulp. Depending on the piece or series, she then builds up layers of materials with multiple laminations, or weaves pressed paper sheets, integrating them with textiles and wires.

All of Joan’s jewelry is hand made in series, small editions and one of a kind. Her materials are traditional silver, gold and semi-precious stones and beads and chemical patinas, plus her unique use of handmade paper. Besides traditional fabrication techniques she has been weaving, looping and knitting metal strips and wire. “Metalworking has seemingly endless paths to pursue, and I am intrigued to follow one that combines two of my interests, fiber techniques and metal.” Her contemporary jewelry designs are light, comfortable to wear, and flatter the wearer.

Stylized organic and geometric designs define Joan Rhine’s jewelry and artwork. “Living in coastal Mendocino County gives me many opportunities to find inspiration in nature. I love walking on the beach or in the forest, where I pick up souvenirs of seaweed, rocks and leaves to study for their forms, textures and colors. Landscapes, skies and man-made structures seen while driving along the coast and through the countryside also stimulate my imagination.”

JOAN RHINE grew up in New York City, where she first graduated with a BFA in Art and Design from The Cooper Union, then earned an MFA degree in Painting and Printmaking from Pratt Institute. She has worked as a graphic designer, art instructor, fine artist and jeweler. She moved to San Francisco, and in 1984, with Jim Meilander, established Submarine Paperworks in Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. She relocated home and studio, where she offers Hand Papermaking workshops, to Gualala, California in 2000.

Joan shows her work in juried exhibits locally in the North Coast area, and in competitive national exhibits such as American Craft Council’s Shows. Her handmade paper, mixed media art was included in “The Art of Paper” at Art Center, Ukiah, California in 2016. Other exhibits of her artworks in northern California include “Expressions in Handmade Paper 3” at the Morris Graves Museum in Eureka and “New Directions in Handmade Paper: The Deckle Edge” and “North Coast Mastery” organized by the Baulines Craft Guild, at Gualala Art Center. She is a founding member of the Northern California based group of handmade paper artists “The Deckle Edge”, and is an active member of the international papermakers’ organization “Friends of Dard Hunter”.

Joan’s jewelry can be seen at The Ren Brown Collection in Bodega Bay, Red Stella in Gualala and Mendocino Gems in Mendocino. She has received numerous awards including First Place in Jewelry & Ornamentation at Art in the Redwoods, Gualala Arts Center in 2012 and 2015.