Keith Wilson


Oil Painting & Watercolor

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Contact Information:
Keith Wilson
60 Fairway Drive
San Rafael, CA 95901

Phone: 510-290-9221

My paintings focus on the human efforts of construction/habitation and/or the restorative qualities of the natural world. 
Linking these frequently disparate components of existence are narrative neutral paintings consisting of simple color/shapes that play out parallel relationships distilled from a critical view of life. Primarily, the body of work in various manifestations represents painterly invention; an inner peripheral vision documented.

I received Architecture degrees from UC Berkeley and practiced Architecture for over 30 years. Concurrently, I maintained a steady production of watercolor paintings and drawings which paralleled and inspired architectural interests. When I discontinued the architectural practice in 2001 I began painting abstract landscapes in sumi-ink/watercolor and studied natural systems, Chinese Painting, Buddhism and Daoist thought.

In 2010 I started working in oil on linen and discovered a stronger and more direct way of painting. The paintings are constructed as they are being painted and not designed or pre-conceived. I feel I have entered into a vibrant period of painting which has advanced my connection to pure art having been informed by my previous years of creating watercolors and architecture mixed with periods of travel and research. I am drifting into significant understanding of the meaning of the real through a steady, directed and measured mixing and application of paint.

Over the last 40 years I have had a number exhibits and showings, open studios and sales. I have my home and oil painting studio at 39235 Pacific Reach, Sea Ranch where I will be exhibiting a variety of artworks in oil, watercolor, copper plate etching and digital media. Additional paintings and writings can be explored at

Andrea welcomes creating custom paintings by request.