Lisa Lauer


Oil Painting

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Cows in Pasture

Contact Information:
Lisa Lauer
PO Box 234
Gualala, CA 95445

Phone: 707-884-1845

I work in oils and take inspiration from our wild and rugged North Coast. Standing at the edge of the Pacific quickly makes you realize just what a very small part of a very large ecosystem we are. In my landscapes, I try to convey a sense of specificity of place giving way to a vastness that stretches beyond the canvas.

My love of geography and topography comes from my childhood in Ohio, where we were allowed free range on the neighboring farms. It also helped that my parents were big on road trips: This was back in the days before electronic devices, so we were really forced to entertain ourselves by looking out the window and observing. Later, we moved to upstate New York and then Virginia; since then, I’ve lived in, worked in, or visited 40 of the 50 states.

After graduating from college with an art history degree, I realized I would actually have to support myself, so I veered off to a business career that eventually brought me to California. Having recently retired, I’m only just now getting back to painting. I entered my first show in 2017, took third place in oils and sold three paintings. Because my landscapes are about evoking space and environment, I’m looking forward to working on increasingly larger-scale projects.