Miriam Owen


Monoprint Printmaking

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Open Year-Round by Appointment

White Dove

Contact Information:
Miriam Owen
PO Box 601
Gualala, CA 95445

Email: miriamo@mcn.org
Website: www.miriamowenmonoprints.com
Phone: 707-884-3388

My art adventure into monotype printmaking came about after taking workshops with several master printmakers. The workshops and classes gave me a foundation from which to begin an exploration of this wonderful magical process.

I transformed what was once a clay and sculpture studio, into a printmaking studio. Years of clay and sawdust were sponged off white walls. The walls, painted barn red and two different teal greens, totally transformed the studio, but so has the addition of glass top tables for rolling inks and a very large open-spoke Conrad Monotype Press.

The monotype process I practice is spontaneous and full of surprises. I roll oil-based inks with brayers onto a plexiglas plate, lay stencils on the plate, scratch marks into the ink and layer multiple colors onto the composition. The next step is putting the inked plate on the press bed and carefully laying BFK Reeves archival print paper over it. Rolling the steel drum of the press over the plate transfers the ink from the plate to the paper.

Each monotype is unique, one-of-a-kind, hence the name monotype. The process is a kind of alchemy where the finished effort, however planned, is always a surprise.

Inspiration is all around me in this beautiful place I call home…the ocean, the beaches, my garden and all of the flowers I grow, my labradoodle Pumpkin, and the joy of all the myriad colors to play with.

A visit to my studio will introduce you to the printmaking process. I invite you into a space that I consider with much gratitude, my sacred space, where I spend hours focused and fully engaged in my creative process.

To get to my studio you will be walking through my floral landscape, a work in progress, that is guaranteed to dazzle the senses!