Walt Rush


Gold & Silver Jewelry

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Open Year-Round by Appointment

Watercast Gold & Opal

Contact Information:
Walt Rush
43751 Cypress Parkway
Manchester, CA 95459

Email: rushstudio7@gmail.com
Websites: rushstudio.com / rushstudio.etsy.com
Phone: 707-882-2441

Walt Rush was born in San Francisco into a creative family. His father was an Architect and his mother was a painter. So, he came by his talent naturally. He is a self- taught Gold/Silversmith with over 45 years experience in creating jewelry. He had a 4,700 sq. ft. store in Ohio for 30 years that looked like an Old Gold Mine.

What Walt enjoys doing most is his water cast and straw designs because he enjoys creating from pouring or dripping the molten metal into the water or straw and sea grass. He creates from the design that takes shape when the metal hardens.

He often has a design with a general creation in mind in the majority of his work. However, as he is creating a particular piece his surroundings, metals and stones which he is working with will influence him to the end result. In his wax designs he will see something in his mind and cut everything else away. He works with all types of stones be it natural specimen, faceted or a variety of cabochons.

Walt believes jewelry should be an attribute to the human body as a painting is to a room or a sculpture is to that special place in a home, building, or yard. His works-of-art in jewelry or treasured precious metal sculptures are for the discerning in taste.

Walt’s work has appeared in the Mendocino Arts Magazine where he was personally photographed and interviewed for one of their magazine artist spotlights. He has also won many awards for his jewelry over the years.

Currently, Walt is a member of the Gualala Arts Center, the Mendocino Art Center, North Coast Artist Guild and of the Arts Council of Mendocino County.

His creative designs are on display at the Artist Collective Gallery in Elk, Dolphin Gallery and the Discovery Gallery in Gualala, as well as The Prentice Gallery in Mendocino.

You can find his jewelry on line 24-7 at rushstudio.etsy.com