Barbara Poole

Printmaker, Painter

MAP # 19

Open During Tour Only

Contact Information:
Barbara Poole
36581 Sculpture Point Drive
The Sea Ranch, CA 95497

Phone: 415-686-8221 / 415-479-4262

Mailing Address:
59 Oxford Drive, San Rafael, CA 94903

Looking back at my art career, I see that my imagery is all connected to my surroundings and painting or building an environment of contentment or exploring of what happens in a space. Each year I make it a goal to learn something new or develop different subject matter. So in between making very calculated aquatints I experiment. All the work eventually circles around and one piece will influence another.

When I first started as an artist I was influenced by my childhood in western Pennsylvania. I drew and built tiny mining houses, documented the barns and farmland. Through the years I always seem to be documenting.

Most recently I have been interested in some of the old properties I have driven by since the 70’s. When they started falling down I knew I wanted to keep the images of the decaying process. I needed to remind myself that with decay there is rebirth.

My art is often about process.

Lately it has been more important to draw extemporaneously and see what happens. Often I am engrossed in exercises such as when one practices scales in music. As in composing, the exercises are skill building and often become a beautiful expression; a finished piece.

I like the surprise that occurs as a result.