Donnalynn Chase

Collage, Mixed-Media

MAP # 16a

Open Year-Round by Appointment


Contact Information:
Donnalynn Chase
41134 Deer Trail Road
The Sea Ranch, CA 95497

Phone: 408-674-5956

Mailing Address:
PO Box 483, Gualala, CA 95445

I love all things paper and have been a collector all my life of things that attract me. Collage came naturally to me through my obsession with collecting and saving greeting cards, books, trading cards, and more. Since having to pack all our collections for our move to The Sea Ranch, I now focus on how to incorporate my “collections” into new projects. Hunting for that perfect old book or antique ephemera is still one of my favorite things to do.

My reverence for books and all things paper has deepened as technology seems to be making paper and associated ephemera obsolete. Currently I am primarily using papers that are over 50 years with the majority being over 100 years old. At times, I feel like a custodian or librarian of valuable papers and entrusted to either bring them back to life or keep them safe. A unique quality of my art work is that I very rarely use photocopies or digital resources since I prefer to use original paper materials. I am truly a cut and paste analog collage artist.

For this year’s Studio Discovery Tour along with other new artwork, I will be offering a collage series that I started early in 2018 and exhibited in March 2019. This new series of over seventy collages portray quirky vignettes and strange snapshots. For fun, I challenged myself to create a collage weekly with images that seemingly did not relate to each other. The fantastical juxtapositions of antique and vintage images are meant to encourage the viewer to look closely and question what they are looking at. Is anything really what it appears? The series is called “WTF”.

As a self-taught artist, I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate being involved in our local art community. The professionalism and inclusiveness of this community has truly inspired and supported me. I have participated in several open call art exhibits at the Gualala Arts Center and have curated many exhibits there also. In addition, I co-founded the Gualala Arts collage interest group which meets twice a month. My collages are shown at The Discovery Gallery in Gualala and my home studio is open year round by appointment. I am now facilitating workshops at Gualala Arts focused on nurturing the creative process through the use of journaling, doodling and collage.