Doric T Jemison-Ball II

Ceramics, Mixed Media Sculpture,
Acrylic Painting

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Factory Pot Series
Factory Pot Series

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Doric Jemison-Ball II

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41134 Deer Trail Road
The Sea Ranch, CA 95497

Phone: 707-884-3922 / 818-606-6678 cell

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Mailing Address: PO Box 16, Gualala, CA 95445

I am mostly known for my highly conceptual work in ceramics, sculpture and painting. The majority of what I will be showing on the tour this year marks a return to my origins in ceramics in the mid 1960’s. Focusing on the raw nature of clay, the work will explore form, texture and color in a style reminiscent of the abstract expressionist work of Peter Voulkos from the same period. I’ve nicknamed this style of work “FACTORY POTS” because to me they recall old and abandoned factories. All are vase forms of a different kind.

However, not being able to stay away from that highly conceptual work I’m known for,I will also be showing all six place settings of “Six Dysfunctional Place Settings of Fine Art Dinnerware with Vague and Obscure References to the Major Art Movements of the 19th, 20th and 21st Centuries”, first shown at the Gualala Salon in December 2018.

All ceramicists at sometime in their career think they need to make a set of dishes. I was struck by this urge first in the 1980’s, but after completing 54 plates, none of which I liked, I concluded that I just didn’t like plates and abandoned the project. In late 2017, having not entered the Gualala Salon for the first time, I decided I would make a serious attempt to not only get juried into the Salon in 2018, but to win a prize, or failing that, make a serious impression on my fellow artists and the public. And to do that, I decided to make a set of dysfunctional dishes.

The original idea was just a set of dysfunctional dishes inspired by DaDa and Surrealism. However, after I had rendered the six place settings dysfunctional, I realized that I had an opportunity to expand the scope of the project in the decoration of each piece to refer to other artists and art movements. And so I did.

So, come have fun seeing how many artists, art movements or other vague and obscure art references you can find.