Jennie Lee Henderson

Handwoven & Hand Dyed Textiles

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Open Year-Round by Appointment

Contact Information:
Jennie Lee Henderson
45201 Bill Owens Road
Point Arena, CA 95468

Phone: 707-882-2270

Mailing Address:
PO Box 195, Point Arena, CA 95468

I like the organic quality of weaving. Spinning my own yarn from the wool of local sheep, I am able choose a range of natural colors that are a perfect match for my designs of hills and valleys, reflections in a stream, and the geometry of nature that surrounds me. I weave handspun tapestry rugs and throws in natural colored wool.

Venture up a country road meandering through a lush costal forest, and visit the studio of award-winning weaver Jennie Lee Henderson. Step into an active studio full of looms, spinning wheels, baskets of weaving tools, bags of raw wool, shelves of brightly colored yarns, and weaving projects in progress. Experience the organic process that is weaving. Feel the wooden tools, warn smooth and discolored from years of use. Watch wool pun into yarn and yarn woven into tapestry rugs. Be reminded of another era when things were simple and time was less important. See handspun tapestry rugs, with designs reminiscent of hills and valleys or reflections in a stream; sensuous chenille scarves in bold and vibrant colors; shawls and blankets that beg for a good book and cozy couch; and ice dyed scarves and wearables, each unique and colorful.

A native of California, Jennie has lived on the Mendocino coast for over forty years and is a familiar face at local craft fairs and art shows.

“My rugs and scarves are made from the finest quality materials and will be enjoyed for a lifetime.”