Marla Sparkkle Skibbins


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Contact Information:
Marla Sparkkle Skibbins

Showing at:
45201 Bill Owens Road
Point Arena, CA 95468

Phone: 707-332-6083

Mailing Address:
PO Box 31, The Sea Ranch, CA 95497

Things are getting hot in my Transformation Studio!

I was inspired by the glass artists that I showed with at the Studio Tour last year. The beauty that Elizabeth Wright and Cathy Riehm created with their glass art was really touching. They inspired me with their stories and their creativity. Their expression of art through glass had me want to try my hand at melting glass over the winter.

What a compelling, frustrating and interesting process glass is. I am not a detail person and I just want to say glass does require you hold onto some details. Don’t burn it, don’t overcook it, don’t combine it with other glass of a different COE, make sure you cook it just enough but not too much, don’t grind it but if you do only grind it a little – I could go on and on but you get it? Right?

Along with my glass obsession has been this persistent wish to bring the sky and the ocean into my work. The sky and the ocean are constant companions and inspire me in so many ways. As forces in nature, as companions on my hikes and rambles through The Sea Ranch, and as metaphors for growth and transformation.

Over the winter I have been dreaming about how to express the beauty and possibility of blue sky and ocean this new medium of glass and into all my work.

If I am lucky, you and I will get to discuss over cookies and lemonade how I got glass to reflect blue sky and ocean and how I incorporated them into my prayer art.

My work is always an expression of my wish for myself and for all beings to be free: free from limits, inner and outer. May you be happy and you be safe and may you live without limits!

Come visit me at The Henderson’s Ranch!