Nicolette Kaliebe

Leather Paints & Dyes

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Nicolette Kaliebe

Showing at:
25215 Ten Mile Road
Point Arena, CA 95468

Phone: 307-699-0596 / 980-206-4118

Mailing Address:
PO Box 76, Boonville, CA 95415

For the last five to six years, I have done my best to discover what my dream of producing artwork really means to me. A lust for painting, and a natural inclination to seek the unconventional approach, led me to the idea of turning repurposed handbags and wallets into my new 3-dimensional canvas. Over time, I taught myself the meticulous process of painting various leather grains and colors, and how to achieve a permanent design with the proper sealants. My designs are inspired by the shapes, creatures, and colors of nature and I strive for unique looks with every piece. Branching out of accessories and into apparel is an exciting recent development!

I remember my earliest daydreams were fantasies of fame and fortune, as I sauntered around like an astute fashion designer or world-renown oil painter. But it wasn’t until after I graduated with a B.S in marketing, that I considered a closer look at the dream of selling my own artwork. The day had come where I no longer desired to dabble in painting. I wanted to explore the path required to become a successful artist, and manifest for myself the life I have always envisioned.

When I made the decision to be an artist, I reflect now on the difference of meaning that it holds for someone who simply once believed they were born an artist. Personally, being an artist hasn’t been an easy road, and at times it has seemed quite rocky. Luckily, my mentors say I am the apprentice in life, so the silver-lining of my art-business growing pains is that I enjoy learning about different challenges. Perhaps that is what completing a piece of artwork has taught me the most, to enjoy the process of the ups and downs. The process of failing until finally reaching the point of proud satisfaction, without residual self-criticism, with what I have painted or sold. Or perhaps, simply becoming more satisfied with myself. Evidently, it’s an ongoing process.

The journey of my personal development shines through the evolution of The Nicolette Collection. Showcasing my creations continues to fill me with confidence and motivation to push my boundaries of what I believe I can accomplish. I look forward to learning more about how artwork will teach me about life. How the pursuit of artwork will be a journey that enlightens me about who I am, and who I want to be, more than I ever thought it would.