Siobhan Elder


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Open Year-Round by Appointment

Contact Information:
Siobhan Elder
25215 Ten Mile Road
Point Arena, CA 95468

Phone: 707-291-6319

Mailing Address:
PO Box 202, Point Arena, CA 95468

I paint silk to bring joy to those who wear my work. I paint because for the past 35 years I’ve been graced with being part of the best art shows and galleries from Laguna Beach to Park Avenue. I paint with the intention of making people feel exquisite when they wear my work. I paint because I am giddy, 35 years later, to be going to my studio daily to see what will develop. My passion drives the Silk ~ Ribbon, my efforts to wrap the harsh edges of the world with silk as people go thru struggles with cancer and other harsh realities of life.

Art and Ambulances

Three years ago I departed my house to attend the circus in Point Arena and woke up the next day in ICU in Santa Rosa. My family in the Rocky Mountains had been called, my regaining consciousness was in question. As I struggled to grasp why I wasn’t in Point Arena I was assured that they could teach me to walk and talk again. Art seemed illusive, which terrified me. For five days doctors and nurses exclaimed how lucky I was to have survived two brain bleeds, due to two traumatic brain injuries within 36 hours of each other.

“Breath in, breath out” was my focus for the first year of living with an inflamed brain. Then came an art deadline, I’d committed to a show at the Dolphin Gallery three years earlier. Forty years of surviving as a fiber artist meant deadlines trumped headaches. I began with a few minutes in the studio and over time was able to increase the duration such that I could complete and idea, which are painful and illusive with a brain injury. The studio and my art provided a familiar place from which to re-enter the world.

Art saves lives. Your support of the Studio Tour gives a lifeline to someone like me to return to being a contributing member of a community I love.
Thank you for your support of the arts.