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Safe & Secure

The SDT2019 site is now fully protected behind a 256 bit encrypted SSL Global Certificate. There should be no more security warnings of any kind. If you get one, just be sure you have recently cleared the cache on your browser. The procedure differs a bit from browser to browser, but Google will tell you how to do it for […]
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Not Safe??

This week the site is being converted to a secure SSL Global Certificate website, even though that’s probably a completely unnecessary safeguard given that we are not selling anything via the SDT site and we are not collecting any personal information. Nevertheless, as the many URLs get converted from http:// to https:// there will be some instances on some browsers […]
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Resolution, resolution, resolution . . .

. . . is EVERYTHING! As you prepare your images for the 2019 Studio Discovery Tour, please take careful note of the recommended image dimensions for the website. Just go to your individual page on this site and note the template layout. BE ESPECIALLY CAREFUL about image resolution! Smaller file sizes and lower resolution (72 dpi) are generally fine for […]
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Build your page

Be sure to check out your page template to see what size and what type images are expected. Also note the placement of the various text elements and submit your write-ups accordingly. Each page can be customized to a degree, but we’d like to keep a similar look and feel in terms of elements and where they are placed.
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SDT2019 Coming Soon

Thirty-five (35) artists have signed up for the 2019 Studio Discovery Tour. Work has begun on the tour catalog and the website. Bigger and better than ever — mark your calendars.
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